Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finished Extrude, Fillet with Ocaf

Investigated and solved strange behavior and crashes at Extrude and Fillet implemented with Ocaf, both features worked well before, the same algorithms were used.

The improvements added:
- improved the code for detecting shape selection in neutral point/local context,
- found and solved a flaw on the Extrude/Fillet algorithm with Ocaf: the Extrude/Fillet was applied on the selected object located in the data tree, the problem was that when only a face of a shape was selected the face couldn't be found in the data tree (where stored shapes are not decomposed). Solved the problem by creating a hidden Ocaf shape with that face and use that shape as reference for the Extrude,
- fixed the code so that the Extrude and Fillet implemented with Ocaf works properly together with the Cut feature not implemented with Ocaf.

Cleaned the code and uploaded everything on SVN. The functionality (excepting the Cut feature) now supports Undo/Redo and is prepared for parametric modeling. The objects when selected are also selected in the tree view list.

Will continue with preparations to close the 0.0.2 iteration in the following order: make documentation, see if the drawing Circle functionality is finished and if not finish it, implement Cut with Ocaf, implement the functionality that when a shape is selected in the tree view the visual object is selected.


entery said...

This is no doubt the best OCC wrapper I seen so far! Im only missing better support for export/import for iges/step format. When you think this will be available?


bxtrx said...


I am glad that you are interested in using the wrappers. Sounds good.

In the next few days I will make some time to add the wrappers for iges and step. I also need at NaroCAD these packages and was planning to wrap them.

Please let me know if you find any problems/bugs or if you need other packages.

Thank you.

entery said...

Thats sounds great! I really appreciate the work you put down in to this wrapper and its very nice that you keep us all updated with this blog.

Have a nice day!