Friday, November 28, 2008

Closed Iteration 2 ( application version 0.0.2)

Closed Iteration 2 (application version 0.0.2) started the Iteration 3 (application version 0.0.3). On Iteration 2 succeeded to deliver more than estimated, it went well.

Updated the documentation. Made a User Manual that shows how to use the NaroCAD features, the file is in the NaroCAD project folder.
Finished implementing the Circle drawing at the Sketcher. Worked at implementing the Cut feature with Ocaf, made the code but it doesn't work properly and didn't upload it completely on SVN. Moved the task to be finished in Iteration 3, I need to think more on this task because the Cut through all shapes alters all the data hierarchy not only one shape.

Prepared the tasks for the Iteration 3.
Updated the Project Roadmap.
The User Manual.

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