Thursday, August 7, 2008

Work progress 7 August

Spent the day investigating the wrapper compiling. It seems the the Visual Studio reaches the 2 Gb limit and that causes the linker to stop. Linking in the release mode with Whole Program Optimization off is not the best solution as the limit can be reached again when adding new packages, it compiled probably because the size was slightly below the size limit.

Investigated also making the OCAF module a separate assembly but didn't succeed. The problem is caused by the fact that the native classes whithin an assembly are by default private; a theoretical solution would be to make them public (an visible for other assemblies) using the pragma make_public. This directive works properly on a small test application but when used on the wrappers it doesn't work properly. Somehow because of the many include files private symbols are generated before the make_public directive.

Tomorrow will continue investigating the issue for half a day and take a decision how to move forward. A possibility would be to continue investigating another possibility would be to try linking with WPO off and use the generated assembly for further development.

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