Monday, August 18, 2008

Work progress 18 August

Generated the wrappers, rebuilt the project and made a document on how to remove the errors that appear. Will add also explanations related to the wrappers structure and the wrapping decisions, task estimated to take 1 hour.

Studied the SCSF concepts like WorkItem, Shell, Workspace, UIExtensionSite, Command, DependencyInjection, ObjectBuilder, SmartPart. The concepts are exceptional, I will apply them at Naro.

Will continue working in parallel on two directions:
- work at the application architecture and make a concept document, task estimated to take 2-3 days, also will look for other equivalent open source/free software factories,
- continue with adding more documents on the current code and code cleanup: add a document describing the wrapper architecture, make a document on the application architecture, cleanup and refactor code, task estimated to take 2-3 days in parallel with the architecture work.

Between these tasks will also do some research on the OCAF document saving functionality.

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