Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Work progress 12 August

Made project cleanup, moved the unused code to branches/oldsources, moved the Wrapper project outside the Naro project, made updates to the txt files describing the project folder structure and compiling. The documentation updates are small because now the project compiling is fast and simple (the wrappers are built in release mode and referenced by the project).

Installed a Virtual PC with XP and Visual C# Express 2008 and tested the compiling. It worked well.

Worked at improving the OCAF package wrapper. The problem here was that for StdDocument there are native virtual methods called internally that must be implemented by the developer; because the class is wrapped the internal native call is passed internally and not passed to the wrappers and had to make some tricks to solve it.

Will continue with working at integrating the OCAF in Naro and also work at the application design, task estimated to take 2-4 days. While adding this code will also improve the Naro folder structure and will add some explanation txt file describing the folder structure.

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