Saturday, June 7, 2008

Work progress

Made GUI improvements, solved usage bugs: selection handling, mouse event handling.

Finished the loading from file code but it seems that there is some internal wrapper incompatibility and it doesn't work.

Prepared the source codes for uploading on SVN, reorganized the SVN structure and uploaded everything.

Next tasks that will be made:
- reanalyze the application design, refactor if needed, make a design document with explanations,
- currently the commands are launched from toolbars, implement the same commands also on the main menu,
- solve the load from file problem,
- implement the window zooming,
- analyze OCAF wrapping and decide how to wrap the missing OCAF module,
- implement code that changes the view number to 1,2,3,4,
- add code that allows changing the selection mode: selecting faces, edges, vertexes.

Will have also to improve at current functionalities:
- when resizing the draw area is not recalculated,
- if one view selected if mouse move happens over an unselected window the unselected window is selected but the rotation happens on the first view,
- on child window close release the Controller,
- when the child window is changed (the Controller is changed) the mouse events are sent to the first Controller and should be sent to the second one,
- check if objects that hold event listeners are released also the listeners should be released to be properly released by the garbage collector.

Next identified risks that are stopping the progress:
- the OCAF module may be difficult to implement and integrate with the existing wrappers,
- the load from file might have some incompatibilities with the other modules.

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