Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Work progress 17 june

Improved the application functionality and uploaded the code:
- when resizing or at layout change also the open cascade view resizes,
- the menu commands work like the toolbar ones,
- the mouse events are sent to the proper controller, when a new command is launched over another view the view is automatically selected.

Studied the OCAF architecture, looked also for open source projects for OpenCascade samples.

Tasks to be done:
- refactor the existing code,
- add a toolbar with selection mode change (vertex, edge, face),
- work at the tree view,
- start porting the sketcher code form the old code.

Encountered problems: the missing OCAF package somehow stops the architecture work (integrating the OCAF drawing with Undo/Redo). Will continue working at the current features and if in a few days will not receive the OCAF module will probably start wrapping OpenCascade.

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