Friday, June 6, 2008

Work Progress

Implemented the user action handler class and added the Dynamic Pan, Dynamic Zooming, Wireframe Drawing etc. Added also selecting. All the icons from the manipulation toolbar (except window zoom) are now working.

Added code that highlights the selected view from the multiview, added code that selects the model from OpenCascade.

Added file loading but it's not working yet more coding is needed.

Next tasks to do:
- finish load from file,
- finish window zoom,
- add code that allows changing the selection mode,
- implement code that allows changing at multiview from 1 view to 4 views and back,
- think at the OCAF wrapper and implement it.

There are also two bugs to solve:
- when resizing the draw area is not recalculated,
- if one view selected if mouse move happens over an unselected window the unselected window is selected but the rotation happens on the first view.

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