Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Building wrapper on old .api file

Over the past few days I've tried to build the NaroOccCore.dll file using the files generated by the old OccWrappers.api file, to make sure that the base classes used by Naro are correct and that the build process is correct, and when I have an identical .dll file, build from that to create the new .dll file.

Unfortunately, even if the built dll file seems to be the same as the one found in the repository, there are some differences that cause it to crash.

Things I checked:

- the exports from both files using dumpbin: /exports, /imports and /dependents and they are the same, only the /rawdata results are different.
- the other files are the same and that replacing only the dll file causes the application to work correctly or crash, depending on the dll version.
- other versions of the code from different revisions, to make sure there weren't any changes that were used when building, but were commited later
- other branches for changes that weren't added to the main branch
- Qt version and install

I am now checking if there are differences in the compile options or other settings that might have remained uncommited.

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