Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Improvements to the new wrappers

This week I started working on fixing the new wrappers crashes in Naro.

The things I checked were:
- base class destructor calls - made some changes to NativeInstance.cs and updated some of the destructors to have try/catch blocks.
- base class destructors in .cpp - changed StandardTransient.cpp and MMgtTShared.cpp destructor methods to cast the passed instance to the base class instead of the Handle_ class
- checked that the OCC classes implemented the correct base classes
- updated some methods and constructors and added the const keyword

These changes caused the crashes to appear much later and in other methods (I've enabled debugging in the .cpp files) and it's now possible to draw many shapes:

I will continue investigating the reasons for the crashes and find a way to automate the manual changes I've done to the code over the past two days.

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