Friday, December 7, 2012

Released NaroCAD 1.7.2 Beta

Today we release NaroCAD 1.7.2 Beta:
- Extrude and pipe can be performed on shapes with holes
- Extrude, pipe and cut are performed on the entire sketch containing the selected shape
- Cut can be performed on the shapes obtained from boolean operations
- Improved the Translate gizmo for 3D solids
- Fixed translate for solids obtained from extrude/cut
- Fixed point position display on default plane
- Fixed Save/Open for solids obtained from Extrude, Pipe and Cut operations
- 3D shapes are automatically notified when the underlying sketch changes and are redrawn
- Sketch shapes are displayed on enter/edit sketch and hidden on exit sketch
- Improved sketch selection algorithm
- Fixed crash caused by multiple open commands

You can download NaroCAD 1.7.2 here.

For the next release, we will:
- Add posibility to create sketch from command line
- Fix boo scripts functionality
- Fix undo/redo for translated shapes
- Fix translate for pipe
- Fix hinter line display bug

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