Friday, November 23, 2012

Translate on 3D solids

Over the past two days I worked on fixing the translate gizmo for 3D solids resulted from non-circle sketch shapes. There main issues were:
- the way the faces were created, using a check for visibility to determine the correct candidates
- the way the sketch nodes were being updated after the translation
- the extra faces that were created, which slowed down the redrawing of the shapes

Here is a video showing the translate performed on a shape which has lines and a SER arc, the editing of the sketch after the translate and the redrawing of the extruded shape after the sketch was changed:

Currently, the faces on the sketch are processed and fused into one shape, which is added as an interpreter for the sketch node. Whenever a 3D tool is applied, a reference to the sketch containing the selected shape is used, avoiding the reprocessing of the same faces each time. When the sketch is changed, the shape is re-processed and all tools are notified.
The translate tool applies the translation on the sketch's points, the point changes cause all the shapes that reference them to be notified and the sketch face is regenerated, causing the 3D tools to be automatically redrawn.

Since there were some big changes over the past two weeks, we decided not to have a release today and continue working on improving the tools and fixing bugs over the next two weeks. The next release, for version 1.7.2, will be on the 7th of December.

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