Monday, April 2, 2012

Still working on the tests

I'm still working on the unit test updates, but I'm almost done and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to commit some of the changes. There are some updates because of the new shape structure, so the Point3Ds were replaced by references and the asserts were updated accordingly and some changes to the shape drawing methods because of the Action/MetaAction changes.

I've updated the code for the 3D shapes that used Circle as a base shape but didn't pass the correct parameters (torus, cylinder, cone). The tests for these don't pass yet, because of some solver related errors, but the shape drawing part is working.

I've also reverted to LineAction for line drawing (instead of SketchLineAction) and the solver works a lot better when multiple lines are drawn on the sketch. I've disabled the tests for ParallelLine and NormalLine as the tools are disabled - when/if we decide to reactivate them, I'll come back to tests and update them.

Now I'm working on updating the MirrorPoint and MirrorLine tests to fix the MetaAction specific code.

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