Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Next development steps

The next development steps that will be made at NaroCAD are the following:

- analyze the performance of a C# wrapper and see if there is some performance penalty compared to a C++/CLI code. Think also if this penalty can be solved by a mix of C# and C++/CLI (these optimizations will be saved for a later stage of the project, now will just consider the possibility),
- ability to select any face of any shape to be used to draw 2D shapes on it,
- adding of a tree view that shows the shapes drawn on the system, this view also allows changing the shape parameters,
- adding more base shapes like ellipse, lines, points,
- implement an information display mechanism (coordinates, sizes in a measurement unit) that allows also changing these properties,
- implement the Undo/Redo mechanism for all the operations made by the user.

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