Monday, March 31, 2008

Delivery meter: 1 more day to finish the tasks

Implemented at 3D: panning, zooming, rotation from the toolbar icons.
Improved the 2D displaying window, implemented window zooming, implemented some code at rectangle drawing but some drawing problem remained.
Made also some code improvements, moved functionalities among classes. It remained to make some code cleanup.

From the proposed functionalities remained to finish: make improvements at 2D drawing, finish the 2D rectangle drawing and implement an use case where the 2D rectangle drawn with the sketcher will be taken to 3D and displayed. Also making some documents with the architectural structure would be good.

Still hoping to finish all these on Tuesday.

Uploaded the latest the source codes to SVN.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Delivery meter: 2 days to finish the tasks

Succeeded to implement zooming and panning on the 2D window. Also grid lines with snapping works ok. One problem that remained to be solved is that the active area of the open cascade doesn't match the active area of the window.

Will continue with implementing a rectangle drawing tool and also try to solve the drawing area size problem.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Delivery meter: 3 days to finish the tasks

Worked at the 2D drawing functionality. Implemented rectangular and circular grids display, added mouse snap.
Made also code cleanup, improved the application structure.

Will continue with implementing a 2D rectangle drawing tool.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Delivery meter: 4 days to finish proposed tasks

Created icons for the 2D and 3D windows, added them on the forms. Will work at adding them functionalities like zooming, rotating.

The next steps to be made on development:

1. Implement at 2D: zooming, grid lines, panning,
2. Implement at 2D: tool for drawing a rectangle, code for drawing a rectangle,
3. Snapping at 2D,
3. Add at 3D: panning, zooming, change drawing to wireframe/solid,
4. Code cleanup, prepare some application architecture document with explanations,
5. Make functional the following use case: the application starts in 3D mode (code done), a surface is selected and the sketcher launched knowing the coordinates of the selections (code done), draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool(code to be made in the next days), change back to 3D and show the 2D rectangle (code made, needs improvements)

Will insist on finishing these functionalities over this weekend and have something functional until Monday night, that is March 31st. So 4 more days to finish these tasks. To motivate myself I will make a delivery meter posted daily on the blog: 4 more days until deadline.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Added 2D on the application

Integrated successfully the 2D and 3D drawing. Will continue by adding mouse drawing features in the 2D window (the Sketcher functionality).

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Added 2D drawing

Added to the application 2D drawing support. For that added a 2D Interactive context class, a 2D shape class and a 2D curve class. Successfully drawn a 2D shape. Built a window where to render the 2D content.

Will work at integrating the 2D drawing feature with 3D drawing, when a 3D surface will be selected the 2D will be launched and a 2D shape sketched.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Moved forward

Succeeded to move forward with development and solved the two problems that were stopping the progress. One of the problems was selecting shapes created with OCAF and the other problem was extracting position information about the selected plane.

Will continue with developing the Sketcher: after object selection, when the Sketcher is launched 2D drawing will be made in the selected plane.